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The public supply of drinking water, initially on a concession regime for approximately 40 years, underwent some reforms in 2005, thanks to the decree no 2005/494 of 31 December 2005 setting up the Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation (CAMWATER) and the decree no 2005/493 of 31 December 2005 laying down the procedures for delegation of public services of drinking water and sewerage in urban and suburban areas. The new institutional framework for the provision of drinking water in urban and suburban areas is now governed by a the public-private partnership based on a three-way relationship involving the State, la Camerounaise Des Eaux (CDE) and CAMWATER, in charge of managing on behalf of the State, the water supply in urban areas.

Our main missions

CAMWATER has the mission of managing assets and liabilities connected to public water supply in urban and suburban areas. As such, it is responsible for:

  • Planning, carrying out studies, project management, researching and managing funds for all infrastructure needed for the capture, production, transportation and storage, and the distribution of drinking water;

  • Building, providing maintenance and management of infrastructure, capturing, producing, storing and transporting potable water;

  • Making quality control of the operation of the drinking water service and other missions of the companies responsible for the operation of public water distribution;

  • Working in cooperation with other operating companies for information and awareness of users of drinking water and the water sanitation in urban and suburban areas;

  • and generally, all commercial, industrial real estate securities and financial transactions, which relate directly or indirectly to the matter defined below or conducive to their development.

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