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Camwater Women Association: Donation ceremony at the Dibamba leper-house

The CAMWATER Women Association (CWA) is an apolitical and non-profit organization. It brings together the female employees of CAMWATER.

On the 3rd December 2016, the CWA made a donation to the Dibamba leper-house, within the framework of its charity activities in aid of the needy.

In company with the honorary chairwomen: Mrs ONDOA AKOA Yolande and Mrs NGONPA Rosine, about twenty women from CWA went to the Dibamba.

The center, specialized in the total management of patients suffering from leprosy, is under the diocese of Douala. It is masterfully managed by the Carmelite sisters working with a support staff we extend our congratulations to, for their efforts to manage the sick and their respective families. We were all impressed by the cleanliness of the premises and moved by their abnegation, generosity, commitment and sacrifice.

The donation, far from being the solution to the problems faced by the residents of the Dibamba leper-house, was a way for the CAMWATER women to show their care for their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and parents.

Through their visit, the CAMWATER women wanted to show their brotherhood and solidarity towards the needy, which is their common concern. How happy we were to see that they were glad and moved by the little we brought!

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