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Coopération: Camwater Signs with the Israelis: The Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation recently sig

CAMWATER's General Manager, Mr. Alphonse Roger ONDOA AKOA signed on her behalf, while the Head of Water Division for LR GROUP Limited, Mr Joseph HAIM HARROSH did for his company. The Protocol is geared at defining the general conditions and practical arrangements for co-operation between CAMWATER and LR GROUP Limited to undertake a program of supplying potable water as part of the project at total estimated value of 100$ (project value). In this wise there-fore, both parties shall sign a turnkey design, procurement and construction contract for the project which shall be followed by loan agreements which shall provide funding for Internation institutiuons based on assistance from LR GROUP, and subject to the cooperation and provision of the required guarantees of both CAMWATER and the government of Cameroon.

Accordind to this Protocol, LR GROUP desires to participate in the finalization of the design and implementation as well as facilitation of financing, all in connection with a program for the provision of potable water treatment facilities within two urban areas in cameroon at the phase 1: Mbouda and Galim Water supply Project which will supply 5,000 m3/day of water for an estimated population of 65,000 in the Tombel Water supply Project that will supply 3,000 m3/day of water for estimated population in the Year 2032.

CAMWATER and LR GROUP will work exclusively together to develop the association between the two parties in connection with the Project and carry out technical and financial co-operaion and advisory services in the best interest of each party. This protocol shall be valid for a period of the 18 months from the date of signing during which period the funding for the the Project shall have been arranged and the Contract shall have become unconditionnal

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