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City of Douala

Demand estimated at 250 000m3 / day.

​Yato Phase 1

Construction of a big water treatment plant on river Moungo. It brings an additional capacity of 50 000m3/day.

​Yato Phase 2

This phase, at the cost of CFA 52 billion francs was funded by the Eximbank of China and the State of Cameroon. It was initiated to reinforce the Yato water treatment plant with an additional capacity of 100 000m3/ day. It is completed since December 2014.

Water crossing: Aqueduct on river Wouri

Since the beginning of the year 2014, the economic capital has been an impressive building with pipe laying as one of the main activities, in order to increase its supply network and facilitate the significant transfer of water to all consumer poles. The aqueduct is the result of this large-scale works which will ease water shortages in the city of Douala. The construction of this architectural masterpiece of 45 metres long started in February 2013 is the passageway of drinking water produced by the Yato plant.

City of Yaounde

Water plant of Mefou

A new drinking-water plant on the river Mefou, in the Nkolbisson neighbourhood, was constructed and has been operational since February 2014. All this was done along with the rehabilitation of the Mefou dam and that of the tanks of the Messa pumping station. Thanks to this water plant, the initial production of 100 000 m30/ day, four years ago, has been increased to 180 000m3/day..

Emergency Transitional Measures Program: first extension of the drinking-water plant of Akomnyada

This station has been producing 35 000m3/ day, an additional quantity which eases water shortages in the city of Yaounde. Constructed by Geofor Company, this water plant was set up within the framework of the emergency measures. It allows the city capital to benefit from a total quantity of 185 000m3/ day, when we include the 100 000m3/ day produced by the former water plant and the 50 000m3/day produced by the Mefou drinking-water plant.

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