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Water supply master plan in urban and suburban areas

In order to significantly increase the supply of drinking water in the in the whole country, as suggested by the Millennium Development Goals, the government of Cameroun, on very high instructions of the president of the Republic, His excellency Paul Biya, drew up a major investment program of about 400 billion FCFA. Accordingly, besides the contribution of the State of Cameroon and the CAMWATER funds, important contributions were made by development partners such as the World Bank, the French Development agency, the European Investment Bank, the African Development Bank, Dexia Bank, Exim Bank of China, etc.

The continuity of this extensive investment programme involves the setting up by CAMWATER of a water supply master plan in urban and suburban areas whose objective by 2035 is to increase the supply rate to 85% throughout the country, at a total cost of about CFA 1,760 billion francs. Investment in this area will mainly focus on the modernization of production infrastructure, the development of new centers and the improvement of access to drinking water through the multiplication and facilitation of water service pipes.

Planning tool for water piping system in urban and suburban areas

Objectives of the study

  • Assess water demand ;

  • Evaluate water resources;   

  • Assess needs and resources;

  • Assess investment needs by 2022 and 2032

  • Set investment priorities

Key specifications

  • Scope of the study: 213 citieswith106 equipped and 107 not yet equipped;

  • Perspectives of the study: 2017 for short term, 2022 for medium and 2032 for long term;

  • Service rate target: 85% in 2032;

  • Overhall investment need ( rehabilitation, replacement and extension) to implement  by 2032: CFA  1,760 billion francs.

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